Before Session Two



Look at the contrast and results in 2 Corinthians 5:21


Make a list of all that God has done


Make a list of the result for you as a believer in Christ Jesus 


What difference does knowing this make to you?



Read Hebrews 11 several times this week


List each person Hebrews 11 mentions by name


Describe what faith enabled them to do


Which trials seem more difficult? 


Which have you experienced? 


How does the truth of 2 Corinthians 5:21 impact your understanding

of how you are enabled to face the trials in your own life with the assurance of 

victory and the experience of joy?

Before Session Three



Read Hebrews 12 several times this week


Make a list of the instructions contained in this chapter


Make a list of all that you learn about God and about the Lord Jesus



If you have access to a Greek Biblical dictionary look up the definition of the word ‘discipline’.


What does Hebrews 12 tell you about the reasons for discipline?


Look for the word ‘therefore’ - in which verses is it written and to what does it pertain?



What was the application for the Hebrew believers who received this letter?


What is the application for the church in 2020?


What is the application for you personally?



Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by this homework - pray first and then do only as much as what you are able to do.

Before Session Four



Read Hebrews 13 several times this week.


Which three groups of people are particularly mentioned here?


List the instructions found in this chapter and the reasons given for them.



Read Ephesians 4-6 and Colossians 3:1-17


What similarities do you see to Hebrews 13 - be specific


How important is the behaviour of a Christian towards other believers in the body

of Christ?


Why is it important?



Read John 13:12-17; 34-35


How is Jesus instruction here amplified in the letter to the Hebrews?



Read John 17:20-23


What was Jesus prayer for believers?


Why did He pray this do you think?


Can you see echoes of His prayer in Hebrews 13?


How has your knowledge of Hebrews 11-13 changed your understanding of this life? 


Ask yourself these questions:


    What do you struggle to believe about the Lord Jesus? About God? About yourself?


    Do you believe that God is God and that Jesus died for you? John 3:16


    Do you believe that you are safe in Him? Do you believe that He is transforming you, changing you - making you into His image? 2 Corinthians 3:18; 1 John 3:2


    Do you believe that He will never let you go? That He loves you with a covenant keeping love? Jude 1

    Do you believe that He knows every single thing about you - knows your failure, your weakness, your pride, your selfishness - yet still has promised to take you HOME to be with Him?


    That root of bitterness, rejection, unforgivness, ……..have you dug it out and consigned it to the rubbish heap?


    When you look in the mirror and you see nothing good - do you close your human eyes and open those of your faith. Eph. 1:3


    Do you speak truth to your soul? Psalm 42 



Read Hebrews 12:1-2 and ask - have I done this? Am I doing this? Will I do this every day until I see Him face to face?



Perhaps it might be good to commit these things to prayer……