Before Session One



Read Revelation 1-5 several times this week


How would you divide these chapters?



Read Revelation 1 several more times


If you have access to a Greek dictionary look up the meaning of the word ‘revelation’.



Break up Revelation 1 verses 1-3 - how would you describe the communication process of the revelation and what it contains?



Who is the author?


What can you learn about him from chapter 1 and Revelation 22:8?


Where is he when he wrote down this vision?


Why was he there?


Who is he sending this vision to? Be specific


Who are his larger audience? Be specific



Read John 20:31; 1 John 5:13; Revelation 22:20


What can you ascertain from these Scriptures that show the purpose of a) the Gospel of John; b) the epistles of John and c) the Revelation?



If you have time, do some digging into the historical setting of Revelation

Before Session Two



Read through Revelation 1 several times


List all that you learn about the readers of this book.


What do you understand from the word ‘blessed’?


List all that you learn about the Lord Jesus Christ


    How is He described?


    What has He done?


    What will He do?


Cross reference the descriptions of Jesus from Revelation 1:12-16 


Which of these descriptions is explained in Revelation 1?


What is your overriding impression of Jesus as He is described here?


What do you understand from John’s statement in verse 9? 


How does that help to understand the times in which John received this ‘revelation’?


If you have access to a Greek Bible dictionary look up the word ‘tribulation’ - what does it mean?


What do you understand from Revelation 1:10?


    What does John mean ‘in the Spirit’?


    When is the ‘Lord’s day’?


What do you think might be a suitable theme for Revelation 1?

Before Session Three



Read Revelation 4 and 5.


Describe what is happening in these chapters - be specific.



Read Revelation 2:1-7 several times


Ask questions of the text: 


How does Jesus describe this church?

What is the commendation here?

What is the warning?


Read Acts 18:18-21 and Acts 19


What was the response to the gospel in this city?



Read Ephesians 1:1-2:10 and Ephesians 6


Why do you think Paul writes so extensively in this letter about the believers position in Christ Jesus and the reality of spiritual warfare?


Finally - read again Revelation 2:1-7 


What has happened to the church at Ephesus between AD 61 (date of Paul’s letter) and AD 95 (date of John’s Revelation)?



When you review your Christian life since you first put your trust in the Lord Jesus can you see any similarities between you and the Ephesian believers?

Before Session Four



Read Revelation 1


Make a list of everything you read about God noting the verse.


Make a second list of everything you read about the Lord Jesus Christ again noting the verse.


Finally, make a third list about the Holy Spirit….noting the verse.



If you have access to a Greek Bible dictionary look up the definition of the word for God in verse 1. What do you see?


Look up the word for God and the word for Father in verse 6 - again what do you see?


Read Revelation 2:8-11


What was Jesus message to them?  


    His commendation?

    His instructions?

    His warning?

    His promise?


As far as you are able do some research into the ancient city of Smyrna.


Jesus says to each of the seven churches ‘I know’ - look up this word in a Greek Bible dictionary and see what it means. What do you think he is telling these congregations?


Note the description Jesus used of Himself to the church at Ephesus and now to the church at Smyrna - what significance does each description have for the churches to whom He is speaking?


Finally, think through Jesus words to this church and to that at Ephesus.  As you consider your own church or fellowship can you hear His Spirit speaking to you individually or corporately? 


How will you respond?

Before Session Five



Read through the list you made of the Lord Jesus from Revelation 1. Choose a couple of statements describing Him and meditate on what this means to you personally.


Write out a prayer of thanksgiving or a song of praise to the Lord on the basis of what you have understood.


Read through Revelation 2:1-11


Think about all that we have seen in these two messages. Again ask the Lord to show you if you have ‘left’ your first love and if so then to enable you to make the changes necessary to your daily life.


Are you able to comply with Jesus instruction in Revelation 2:10 not to fear? If not what must you do?


Understanding that God knows about every detail of your life, how will you deal with the difficulties you may find yourself facing right now or those that may arise in the future? Be specific



Read Revelation 2:12-17


What do you know about Antipas simply from the text?


Do some research to see if you can find out more about him



Read Numbers 22:1-25:9 and Numbers 31:16-18


What do you understand about the teaching of Balaam?


What is Jesus’ instruction to this church?


What do you understand about ‘the sword’ of Jesus’ mouth?


What is His promise to those who overcome?

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