Ann and her husband Alan left the UK in 1977 to live and work overseas for 28 years - with postings in Bahrain, U.S.A., Hong Kong and Japan. They now live in Warwickshire and have two children and five grandchildren.
A year or so after arriving in Japan, Ann was invited to a small Bible study being held in a friend's home and although she turned down the initial invitation (and subsequently four more!) she finally, reluctantly, agreed to give it a try. Whilst there she discovered to her amazement that the stories she had heard in her childhood at Sunday School were all true - Jesus really was the Son of God and He really had come and died for her! She started to attend church and on November 7 1993 chose to put her trust in Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour.

She continued in Bible Study on a weekly basis and was inspired by strong godly men and women that God brought into her life who encouraged her to take the time to get to know Him through His Word. As the months and years passed God filled her with a growing passion for Him and for His Word and a desire to encourage and inspire others into a deeper relationship with Him.

She began to teach and preach as God opened up opportunities and on her return to the UK in 2005 He began to lay His vision on her heart. He gave her a picture of the travelling circus and the knowledge that He wanted her, in the same way, to take His Word around the country. He filled her with the desire to proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ around this nation, to see people first come into a relationship with Him and then to help them grow and mature in that relationship by the study of His Word.

She is challenged and motivated by the Scripture that exhorts us to 'proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvellous light' 1 Peter 2:9 and has been greatly encouraged as the Lord has brought together a team of people to set up Desiring Truth - a ministry received from the Lord Jesus, enabled by the Holy Spirit and called out for such a time as this to testify solemnly to the gospel of the grace of God. 

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