Prayer Through The Door of Faith





Before Session One



Read Luke 11:1-13


What priority does Jesus give to prayer in these verses?


How does Jesus tell His disciples to pray?


How often?


What for?


What promises does Jesus make in these verses?


On what basis does Jesus tell them to ‘ask, seek and knock’?




Read Habakkuk every day for a week


How does this book align with Jesus words in Luke 11?


Be specific

Before Session 2



John 17 


Read John 17 several times this week 


Underline the specific requests Jesus makes.


Make an outline of the chapter noting how Jesus moves from His first request to the end of the prayer.


When did Jesus pray this - what were the circumstances?


What had He just explained to His disciples?


What was God’s answer to His prayer?



What do you think is the greatest danger to a Christian from the world: 


    a) is it conformity to the ways and attitudes of the world, or


    b) is it a withdrawal from the world, i.e a separation or isolation which keeps us from             having     an influence on people around us and on our society? 

Before Session Three



Read through John 17 


Make a note of all the things that God ‘gave’ to the Lord Jesus


Then note all that Jesus ‘gave' to His disciples


What does it mean that Jesus has given us His glory and His name?



Knowing these things, how will that affect your prayers?



Read John 17:11-19


What two things does Jesus ask the Father to do for His followers?


How has the Father answered this prayer ?



Read John 17:20-23


What has Christ given to His followers to enable them to ‘be one; just as We are one’?


How has God shown His glory throughout the history of the world?



Think about how you might imitate this prayer in your own life and circumstances. 


What difference would it make in the body of Christ if every believer began to understand the oneness that we have with each other and with the Triune God?


What difference might that make in and to the world?


How important do you think this is in Christ’s prayer and how has God provided for this to happen?

Before Session Four



Read John 17




Read through Jesus’ prayer, and underline specific requests. 


How can you be an answer to one of these specific requests this week?


How can you use Jesus’ prayer as a model to pray for this group?



Living in the world is a constant challenge - read through John 15:18–16:33. 


List the problems that Jesus tells His disciples they will face and then the resources that God has provided for them to handle them and to glorify the Lord through them.


Then read again Jesus’ prayer in John 17 - how does Jesus reinforce what He has previously told His disciples in His prayer?



Write a prayer for your children or grandchildren or indeed the next generation of believers reflecting one important thing you have learned in this study.



Spend some time praying through what you have written trusting that God has promised that He will answer.