The giving of tithes and offerings towards the work of Desiring Truth.


We often head up our articles with the words, ‘give thanks to the Lord for’ or ‘praise the Lord for His blessings’ and rightly so as His abundant grace towards us is immeasurable. But do you know that one of the ways we can ‘give thanks’ or ‘give praise’ is to willingly pay our tithes and offerings to Him. To practically demonstrate our gratitude for all that He has given us, our daily bread!


As we pay these offering, we show that we love Him, we show Him our faithfulness and that we will obey His counsel. 


Our cheerful giving is necessary to build and maintain the work of the Lord, which will in practical terms provide comfortable premises, the Bible Teaching programmes, and all the necessities to bring His Truth into our very souls. This in turn equips us to go out in the world and preach the gospel until He comes.


The Bible commands that we should ‘surrender.... unto God the things that are Gods’ Matt. 22:21

Therefore if you would like to be that willing volunteer who will give of his/her tithes in support of the ongoing and growing work of Desiring Truth then please be in touch with Ali at who will discuss with you the details of how to go about this.